AmScope M100C-LED Student Compound Monocular Microscope WF 10X Eyepieces 40X-1000X

The AmScope M100C- LED Compound Monocular microscope WF 10X Eyepieces 40X -1000X is a beginner microscope that sells for under $100.00. This microscope is ideal for elementary through high school aged children who have an interest in science. This Microscope can be used with Amscope prepared slides or you and your child can prepare your slides to view. Perfect for encouraging a love of science in your child or keeping your own interest in science alive this microscope offers an affordable way for almost any family to enjoy exploring more of the world that lies beyond the naked eye and have fun doing so. The 45 degree incline and the 360 degree head rotation of this Amscope allows you to view your subject at different magnifications and at different angles.

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Features of the AmScope M100C- LED Compound Monocular Microscope WF 10X Eyepieces 40X-1000X:

The AmScope M100C has several useful features including:

  • Magnification up to 1000X the 10X and 25X lenses are interchangeable.
  • A 45 degree incline allows you to view your specimens at slightly different angles
  • 360 degree head rotation makes it simple to change magnification
  • LED Illumination
  • Metal Framework
  • All Glass optical elements
  • Can be used with 3AAA batteries or can use power cord
  • This microscope is 11.5” tall

AmScope M100C_ocular

What Comes in the Box

When you purchase the AmScope M100C-LED Compound Microscope you should find the following packed in the box.

  • The microscope body with LED illumination
  • Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X,
  • 10X eyepiece
  • 25X eyepiece
  • Dust cover
  • Pair of clips
  • 110 Volt adapter

A Closer Look

The AmScope M100C LED compound Microscope is designed for beginner microscope users, home schooled students and for adults who just want to observe the interesting microscope world. To help you to decide if this microscope is suitable for meeting your needs we decided to look closer at four features; the design, performance, usability, and function. We have also rated each of these general features from 1 to 9 based on how well we feel this microscope meets the needs of the people that it was designed for.


The AmScope M100C earns a 7 ½ out of 9 points for its design. This microscope features a metal frame, which helps to make this microscope both sturdy and durable. The knobs and other plastic parts are well made from durable plastic. It also has optical glass lenses rather than cheaper plastic lenses used in most budget microscopes. While this monocular microscope does lack a fine focus knob, it does offer users the opportunity to save on batteries by having the option for users to plug the microscope into a wall outlet.

AmScope M100C_buttom


We give the AmScope M100C 7 out of 9 points for its performance. This microscope actually performs better that was expected judging by its price. The images are sharp and clear and you can actually observe a number of different and interesting specimens when using this scope. While the slide tray is easy to use, it not quite as stable as most people would like making it somewhat difficult to focus in on a specimen. It also lacks a fine focus knob, but with a little effort you can get quite a sharp focus by manually moving the specimen.


The AmScope 100C earns a solid 8 out 9 points for usability. Designed to be a first or beginner microscope it serves that function well as children as young as 8 have little trouble being able to use this microscope effectively. Set up of this microscope is easy although changing from the 10X to 25X lens may be difficult for some people. It is easy to adjust the magnification and the clear optics makes this a fun and interesting tool for observing the microscopic world.


We give the M100C a 6 out of 9 for function. Although this microscope is extremely easy to use, has good optics, and meets the needs of beginner users, the fact that this microscope comes with absolutely no instructions lowers the function rating a good deal. Since this is a beginner microscope, it is safe to assume that many potential users may have never used a microscope previously and thereby would benefit from instructions on how to set and use the microscope effectively.   People who purchase this piece of equipment are excited to try it our and don’t want to waste their time, searching the Internet for instructions on how to use this microscope.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like every piece of equipment you buy the AmScope M100C has its advantages and disadvantages, knowing what the good points and the bad points are of this microscope will help you decide if this microscope is for your or your family.

Advantages of the AmScope M100C

The advantages of the AmScope M100C include:

  • Durability- The all metal frame of this microscope combined with its overall design makes this microscope quite durable and more like an actual scientific tool than a toy. It also means it will stand up to accidents that may happen when using this microscope.
  • Clarity- Most users feel that this microscope has good optics and clarity is as good as one should expect in a microscope of this price point. Users state that this microscope gives a good view of the bacteria in pond water, insects, skin cells and other specimens of interest.
  • Ease of User- Users find the AmScope M100C with Led illumination easy and fun to use.



Some of the disadvantages of the AmScope M100C include:

  • Instructions- The M100C does not come with any real instructions included with the microscope. However, there is a sticker bearing a link to where you can download instructions. You can also get the instructions from AmScope website. In addition YouTube has some videos showing you tips on using this microscope that you may find helpful.
  • Changing the 10X and 25X Lenses- In order to swap out the 10X lens for the 40X lens you will need a small screwdriver. The screwdriver that comes with most eyeglass repair kits will work for changing the lenses on this microscope
  • LED Light- The LED light on this microscope is often too bright for some users and not bright enough for other uses.


The AmScope M100 is a well made and fairly good functioning microscope sold for a budget price. While this microscope is not perfect it would be hard to get another microscope of this quality at the price this microscope can be purchased for.














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