AmScope M150C-1 40X-1000X All Metal Optical Glass Lenses Cordless LED Student Biological Compound Microscope


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The AmScope M150-C-1 40X-1000X Compound Microscope is a budget priced microscope suitable for education purposes for elementary and high school age students. AmScope seems to have put a lot of thought and effort into designing and manufacturing this microscope resulting in a good quality microscope for a very reasonable price. This microscope is quite versatile as it can be plugged into an electrical outlet or can run on batteries. Users do need to keep in mind that this microscope does not come with any slides, collection bottles, or tools. It doesn’t even come with a carrying case, which accounts for AmScope being able to sell this microscope for under 100 dollars.

This microscope is ideal for those parents who are homeschooling or for encouraging your child’s or your own interest in science.

Features of the AmScope M150C-1-40X-1000X Microscope

The AmScope M150C comes with several incredibly useful features including:

  • The AmScope M150C comes with a dust cover to keep the microscope and lenses from gathering dust when the microscope is not in use.
  • 360 degree rotating head allows you to easily do major adjustments to see your slides at different magnifications.
  • AmScope M150C-1 40X-1000Xb
  • This microscope comes with 3 objective lenses along with a 10X and 25X interchangeable eye pieces allowing you to choose between 5 magnification settings. These settings include:
  • 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X and 1000X
  • AmScope M150C-1 40X-1000Xg
  • An All Metal frame makes this microscope sturdy and durable.
  • Widefield all optical glass elements including glass lenses.
  • Single Lens condenser with Disc Diaphram
  • LED illumination uses either the included adapter, 3 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • AmScope M150C-1 40X-1000Xc

Who Most Commonly Uses the AmScope M150C Microscope?

After carefully reading the reviews for this microscope it is clear that most people who purchase this microscope do with educational purposes in mind. Here are a few different types of users who find this microscope to be beneficial.

  • Children 8-12- Not surprisingly the largest number of people who use the AmScope M150C are school age children 8 to 12. Parents purchased this microscope for their children either because they wanted it as tool for teaching science when homeschooling, or because their child was interested in Science and the parent wanted to encourage that interest.
  • High School Students- This microscope is also fairly popular among high school students who purchased this microscope because it was pretty much like the microscopes they used in their high school laboratories and was affordable. Students of this age used this microscope mainly as a means of enhancing what they have learned in class and to further investigate the world that can’t be seen by the naked eye.
  • Adults- While there are few if any reviews from adults who purchased this microscope to use for themselves, most adults admitted to at least trying out the microscope and many used it with their children simply because they found it interesting and fun to look at different objects and small life forms under the microscope.

Additional Purchases You Will Need to Make When Purchasing this Microscope

The AmScope M150C Compound Miscroscope does not come in a kit, therefore in order to be able to use this microscope for educational purposes you are probably going to want to consider making some additional purchases. Here are some accessories you might want to consider purchasing when purchasing this microscope.

  • Slides- Either prepaid or blank so that you can prepare your own slides to view under the microscope.
  • Basic Tools- You may want to invest in small set of basic microscope tools such as a pair of tweezers, a thin prod, and a small scapel. You might also want some speciman collecting bottles for collecting rain water, insects and other specimans to veiw with your microscope.
  • Carrying Case- If your child is planning on taking their microscope with them then you might want to purchase some type of carrying case so that your child can transport your microscope safely.

AmScope M150C-1 40X-1000Xd

What The Reviews For the AmScope M150C Have to Say

Ratings and reviews for the AmScope M150C Compound Microscope are excellent with most reviewers having purchased this microscope with realistic expectation of what they should and would be getting in microscope that cost less than $100.00. In other words they were not expecting a microscope you would find in a medical research lab for this price point. Therefore not only were users not disappointed in their purchase, they were actually surprised by the quality of this piece of scientific equipment. Here are just some of the features of this microscope that users commented on.

  • Well built and Sturdy- Users are extremely pleased with how well built and sturdy this microscope is. They love the fact that it has an all metal frame and is much more durable that most users had expected.
  • Easy to Use- Users are pleased at how easy this microscope is to use. Not only can you rotate the head 360 degrees to get the right magnification, but there are also little blue fine tuning knobs that helps to bring specimans into sharper focus.
  • Good Clarity- Users are also impressed with the clarity of the lenses, feeling that this microscope is as good if not better than microscopes selling for 3X as much.
  • No Assembly Required- Users also like the fact that there is no assembly needed for this microscope that it comes ready to use.

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The main complaint regarding the AmScope M150C is that the microscope doesn’t come with any instructions so a few people did have some difficulty learning how to effectively use the microscope, but they reported that the learning curve is quite small.

The AmScope M150C Compound Microscope is ideal for anyone who interested in learning more about the world that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Perfect for families who are homeschooling or for encouraging an interest in science this microscope is quite functional and will meet the needs of most beginning users.

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