AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope 40x-1000x LED 0.3MP camera

AmScope M158C-E complete

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A MUST-buy for …

… people of all ages and a great way to excite children and adults alike about the world of science. The AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope is a good quality microscope that sells for an affordable price making it possible for anyone who want to explore the world beyond the naked eye able to do so.  The microscope allows you to view your specimens either through the monocular eyepiece or connect the microscope to your computer or projector and view your specimens on a bigger screen.

This microscope can be used to view stamps, coins, minute specimens, knife edges for chips, and a variety of other items that you may have an interest in seeing close up. This Microscope is loaded with helpful features including:

  • Digital compound microscope with integrated 0.3 MP camera
  • USB 2.0 Output for Capturing and displaying images on computer or projector

AmScope M158C-E_usb

  • Monocular viewing head 360 degree rotation

AmScope M158C-E_nosepiece

  • 10X and 25X Widefield eyepieces
  • Fixed 45 degree vertical inclination
  • Forward facing nose piece with 4X, 10X and 40X DIN objectives that provides color correction of magnified images.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable
  • Brightfield LED illumination and 0.65 NA single lens condenser with disc diaphram
  • Plain Stage with Stage clips and a stage stop to prevent damaging slides.

AmScope M158C-E_lens

What’s In the Box

When you purchase the AmScope M158C-E compound monocular microscope you should find the following items in your box.

  • Microscope
  • Widefield 10X eyepiece
  • Widefield 225X eyepiece
  • 4X DIN archomatic objective
  • 10X DIN archomatic objective
  • 40X DIN archomatic objective
  • 2 stage clips
  • 0.3 MP Camera
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Software CD windows compatible (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) also Mac OS
  • Dust Cover
  • Instructions
  • Tools for changing lenses

A Closer Look at the AmScope 158C-E

The AmScope 158C-E is designed for multiple users both those who are experienced working with microscopes and those who are novices. Users who aren’t overly experienced with microscopes may find this closer look at this microscope useful.

Set Up

The AmScope 158C-E is actually pretty easy to set up despite the fact that the instruction manual does not give much help. However, you can download better instruction from the AmScope site. The CD included in the box with the AmScope 158C-E works well when downloading windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. For people who have Mac Operating systems you can download the software from ProScope.

In order to use the light you need 3AAA batteries.

Ease of Use

The AmScope 158C-E is pretty easy to use both with and without the digital component. The microscope has both a coarse and fine adjustment know that allows you to focus in on exactly what you are looking to observe. Users do find that having to make adjustments to the slide by hand can make it somewhat difficult to get the specimens lined up properly, but feel that this is a slight problem.

Users find using the your computer to view your specimens is easy, but do state that images viewed through the scope’s eye piece are clearer than appear on screen. However, the optics are good enough for most users needs.

It should be noted that this microscope does not come with any slides, so if you are wanting this scope to study the scientific world you may want to order both prepared and unprepared slides for your studies and observations.


The digital camera takes both still photos and videos which you can share with friends, families, students, or fellow enthusiasts. However, the 0.3MP camera isn’t strong enough to work well for recording anything beyond 40X. While this is fine for most users, if you are purchasing this microscope to take high quality photos or videos you may want to consider a more expensive microscope with a more dedicated camera.

AmScope M158C-E

However, for normal uses and users this camera should be functional enough.

Overall, most casual users will find the AmScope 158C-E more than suitable for their needs whether you want to look at water samples teaming with life, check out fine details on the stamps or coins in your collection, or just have fun learning about the almost invisible world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the AmScope 158C-E Compound Digital Monocular Microscope

The AmScope 158C-E compound monocular microscope is actually of much higher quality than most people expect for the price. However, this microscope has both advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration prior to purchasing.


There are several distinct advantages to the AmScope 158C-E these advantages include:

  • Easy to Set Up- Most users find this microscope easy to set up, especially those who have the appropriate windows software for which this microscope is compatible.
  • Easy to Use- Most users find this microscope easy to use and it versatile enough to be used for a number of things.
  • Outstanding Optics and Clear Images- The microscope produces excellent optics and clear images, although the images are less clear when viewed through the camera.AmScope M158C-E_slide
  • Sturdy- This microscope has a solid metal frame that makes it extremely sturdy.
  • High Magnification- This microscope provides up to 1000X magnification allowing users to see even the smallest detail.


Most people don’t find many disadvantages to the AmScope 158C-E microscope. They find that the camera quality for this microscope is poor and those having Mac Operating Systems sometimes have difficulty downloading the software.

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Final Thoughts

A lot of people sent me emails, asking – in case I had to decide between the AmScope 158C-E and the next price level – AmScope M149C-PS100-WM-E – which would be the one that I would prefer? And I ask – well – the only difference is the lack of extra accessories, which come with the AmScope M149C-PS100-WM-E. So to combine both worlds – a good solution would be to buy the AmScope 158C-E and spent a little extra on prepared slides, which you like best. Because from technical standpoint –  the AmScope 158C-E compound digital monocular microscope is not what is considered professional quality, this microscope is a well made piece of scientific equipment that is designed for use by both novices and those users who are familiar with microscopes. Most users find this microscope easy and fun to use and feel that they get an excellent value when they consider the price of this microscope. If you are looking for a microscope for homeschooling or to use in the classroom or simply to observe the world that cannot be seen by the naked eye then this microscope is worth considering.